High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line

Upgrade your industrial coating process with our high-quality, flexible automated powder coating line. As a factory, we offer top-tier solutions for all your coating needs.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Company Profile
Professional Powder Coating Equipment Fatory
Powder Coating Equipment
Metal Surface Powder Coating
Quality Production
Reliability, Conformance, Durability
Quality Assurance
Warranty Period of The Equipment Is 3 Years
Service After Sales
Video Technical Support
Working Principle
Fully Automatic Operation
Aluminium Profile, Doors, Metal
Equipment Contain
Pretreatment, Powder Spray, Curing Oven, Conveyor
Delivery Term
on Time
Heating System Fuel
Oil, Gas, Electric
Pretreatment System
Spray Type, DIP Tank Pretreatment
Powder Coating
Manual and Automatic Spray Powder
Curing Oven
Box Oven, Tunnel Oven, Bridge Type Oven
Transport Package
Powder Coating Machine Standard Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
Full Powder Coating Line 30 Sets

Product Description

China professional powder coating equipment

company introduction
High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line
Since 1990,From simple manual spraying to automatic powder spraying system. We can provide you with innovative, rational and economical solutions. We can support you with advanced technologies.Delivering the best powder coating equipments and turn-key solutions. We've built thousands of optimal customized lines and systems for powder coating operations across China and around the world. Our continuous research on the field as well as our constantly developing techniques and innovative nature of our engineering dpt. enable our customers to catch up to the latest developments by modernizing their equipment partly or wholly, so as to improve performance, increase profits and maintain their competitiveness in the world of trade. Our company has passed  ISO9001 certification,CE certification, and has  obtained more than 70 patents.
Equipment Application 
Pre-treatment System Clean the metal surface before powder coating.
Powder Coating Room Spraying powder on the surface of the work-piece.
Big Cyclone Filter recovery Automatic fast color change.
Transport System Delivery of work-pieces : manual conveyor and automatic conveyor system  
Curing Oven High temperature curing which makes the powder attaching to the work-piece.
Heating System The fuel can choose diesel oil,gas,electric etc.
High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line

Heating source system, Combustion unit

Heating Sources: natural gas / liquefied gas / diesel / electricity / coal / biological particles and so on,optional
Our burner is fast heating, high efficiency and be equipped with proportional adjustment, frequency conversion. 
The reaction signal of the probe is automatically adjusted to the amount of fire, the temperature of the furnace is kept consistent and the temperature difference is controlled within ±3°. 
The layout of the air supply  reasonable, the furnace temperature should be uniform and the quality of the product is well stabilized.

Pretreatment system

The pretreatment method is divided into liquid processing and dry processing.
Hanna offers you reasonable and economical pretreatment methods to clean your workpiece.
According to the product size, different processing forms can be selected, the structure is reasonable and the ideal use effect can be achieved.
Depending on the quality and type of metal, different cleaning and pre-treatment methods should be considered. You should also be aware of the results you want to achieve and the requirements of your customers. The most common types of metal cleaning and pretreatment are water washing, degreasing, pickling, phosphating and sand blasting.
The washing in various stages of pre-treatment will have a major impact on the quality of the entire pre-treatment. If the cleaning is not clean, it will produce: 1. residual acid, phosphating liquid, flocculation of the resin in the paint liquid, stability deterioration; 2. Residual foreign matter (oil, dust), shrinkage, granules and other defects in the paint film; 3. Residual electrolytes and salts cause increased electrolysis reactions and pinholes,etc

Large cyclone fast automatic color change spray booth

Our color change powder supply center can achieves fast color change in 10 minutes, large cyclone powder recovery system, powder recovery rate is up to 99.2%, to ensure that there is no powder spillover outside the spray booth.

Quick assembly filter recovery spray booth

Our filter recycling powder spray booth is designed with cylinders, convenient for
customers to quickly disassemble and change color, so that it improves work efficiency and will be your good choice.

Curing Heating System

Curing oven system. Divided into bridge type curing oven and tunnel curing oven.
The tunnel curing oven effectively solves the problem of insufficient workshop height, 
The tunnel furnace we produce has a wind curtain at both ends and the temperature of the furnace won't dissipate to the out, which saves the fuel. This is our patent.
The curing oven we produce saves fuel and saves your production. Curing oven insulation boards are all plug-in boards, seamless docking, heat bridge transfer technology.

Hanna curing oven features:
1, Save fuel, curing furnace insulation board are all plug-in board, seamless docking, thermal bridge transmission technology.
2, Safety is high, the burning unit that links the curing tunnel, automatically ventilates first, then ignites to eliminate safety hazards.
3, Oil-burning heating type, hot air circulation air supply and return reach a balance, reasonable layout, uniform furnace temperature.
4, Gas direct heat type, gas 100% into the furnace, high efficiency, no waste.

High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line
We provide stand-alone equipments for preptreatment systems, powder coating systems, single and multi fast color change systems, curing systems, powder recovery systems and conveyorized lines. All the systems are widely used on the applications of automotive, home and office appliance, machines industry, metal fabrications and so on.
At Hanna, we do more than just manufacture equipment and powder coating lines.
Our staff includes coating system designers, powder and chemistry experts, control system engineers, technical support personnel, installation technicians and experienced trainers.
We produce equipments with Hanna and Zhanyao brand, and we work directly with OEM clients to provide "private label" powder coating equipment manufactured to their specifications.
We've built thousands of optimal customized lines and systems for powder coating operations across China and around the world. Hanna's list of satisfied clients includes successful small manufacturers, government organizations, and global corporations.

With the combination of quality, value and support in this industry, each equipment is manufactured to meet your specific needs. To make sure you get the best results, our factory-authorized technician team will help you work through the details and get the results you need. We will design, produce, deliver your automated system and if more services needed, we can help to install, fine-tune and train your operators to get premium results.

Our value: 
1.Never compromise on design safety, integrity, efficiency, and reliability.
2.Deliver compact design and never sell customers more than they need.
3.Give customers support whenever it is required.
4.Never stop trying to improve our equipment, solutions and service.
High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line

Information provided by customer  

1.Product detail includes:
material, shape, weight, size(diameter or Length, width, height)
2.Space layout and size (Length, width, height)
3.Production capacity (pcs/8hrs)
4.Fuel option: coal, diesel, bio-particles, L.P.G., N.G, electricity 
5.Requirements on quality 
6.Cost Budget 
High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line

Cooperation Procedure 
1.Customer provides above information 
2.Design team from Hanna makes the drawing 
3.Hanna team explains the drawing to customer 
4.If customer confirm, Hanna offers the quotation ; 
If customer not confirm, Hanna modifes the drawing  
5.When then quotation confirmed, Hanna issues the contract
6.When contract be signed, customer arranges the deposit 
7.When deposit received, Hanna arranges the production 
8.When production finished, customer or Hanna arranges quality inspection 
9.When inspection passes, customer arranges balance and books the shippment 
10.When balance received, Hanna arranges export  
11.When equipments received, customer arranges assembling and Hanna offers trainning support  
12.whenever technique support needed, Hanna will be around with you.
High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line

Pollution free operation,Safe to operate,Maximum recovery efficiency,Durability,Quick colour change. Professional Design ,Professional Scheme ,Professional Installation.
High-Quality, Flexible Automated Automated Powder Coating Line

Service assurance: 
1,Provide complete information, including equipment drawing, electrical circuit control chart and use maintenance instruction.
2,Equipment troubleshooting method.
3,Provide the list of consumables to assist customers in establishing a comprehensive equipment maintenance system.
4,After the equipment is delivered to the customer, our company will send professionals to track the customer equipment for 60 days.
5,If customer has a device failure in the process of using the device, our company will operate the device remotely through the computer network through the authorization given by the customer, and eliminate all equipment failure problems.
6,Any problems with the equipment, our company guarantees to give solutions within 12 hours.
7, The warranty period of the equipment is 2 years. In 2 years, spare parts will be provided free of charge for any problems caused by non-human factors

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