Complete Kimchi Production Line

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity
5000kg Per Hour

Product Description

Complete Kimchi Production Line
Korean kimchi production line, pickle processing production line, pickled vegetable production line equipment
1. Introduction of pickles production line
The pickle production line is the main product of our company's snack food production line. Its technology,
production quality and use have been highly praised by customers.

2 Equipment composition of pickles production line
The main equipment of the production line includes: pickling tank, bubble rinsing machine, slicing (silk) machine,
de-impurity machine, desalination machine, picking conveyor belt, dehydrator (press), mixing machine,
vacuum quantitative packaging machine, flexible packaging
 Sterilization machine, shaping machine, dryer,
connecting conveyor belt, etc.

Three Pickles production line model

Our company can provide four specifications of production line equipment such as 1 to 2 tons/hour,
2 to 3 tons/hour, 3 to 4 tons/hour, and 4 to 5 tons/hour for customers to choose.

Complete Kimchi Production Line
The main process flow of the pickle production line:
Pickling → manual repair → rinsing → slicing (shredding) → removing impurities → desalting → selecting →
dehydrating → mixing → bagging → weighing → vacuum packaging → sterilization → cooling → shaping →
drying → coding → packing →Warehousing

Pickles production line equipment.
  1. Double-layer selection conveyor
    Conveying materials, the upper and lower layers, the upper layer selects materials, and the lower layer
    feeds into the next process.
  2. It adopts anti-corrosion bearing system, bearing double-sided plastic seal, durable.
    Food-grade white tape, non-hygienic, strong, easy to operate.
    Use: Stable conveying, firm strength, good safety, easy to clean.
 Complete Kimchi Production Line 
B. Automatic cleaning machine
The water outlet of the cleaning head is cone-shaped, and the cleaning area is large.
Spiral advancement, no damage to materials;
Two-stage cleaning, recycling, saving water;
The circulating pump is corrosion-resistant and has low operating noise;
Use: Impurities are easy to remove.

C.Automatic feeding and cutting machine
Using combined blades, the loss structure is firm and safe.
Use: It can be cut into 3mm×3.0mm to 8.0mm×8.0mm silk or 2mm thick slices, cutting the silk squarely,
without connecting the silk or connecting the slice, the thickness of the slice is uniform, the amount of
particles is less than 5%; easy to clean
 Work, the protection performance of electrical components is good.

D.Automatic rolling screen machine
It is used to screen out the broken particles smaller than 12mm×3.5mm×3.5mm.
The screen density is uniform, and the mesh size is designed according to the fineness of the material;
Scrap materials are automatically collected and fully utilized.
Use: Screening out the broken particles smaller than 12mm×3.5mm×3.5mm; the broken particles
can be automatically collected; automatic feeding and discharging; no wire jam, low operating vibration,
low noise; strong strength, good safety; easy to clean and sanitary.

E.Automatic desalination machine
The bearing adopts anti-corrosion system and sealed on both sides;
The crawler is made of white engineering plastics, which has strong strength, no deformation, good safety,
no jam, leakage, damage, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance;

Automatic turning and washing system, desalination;
Automatic high pressure cleaning, easy to clean and hygienic work;
Automatic control system for the amount of desalinated water.
Use: Salinity automatic detection, manual/automatic adjustment; automatic/manual control of the desalinated
water temperature and display the value; no damage to the material, no retention, no return belt;
complete continuous automatic feeding and discharging.

F.Automatic continuous dehydrator
Using food-grade nylon filter, blue, good water leakage, strong abrasion resistance, automatic correction;
The bearing adopts anti-corrosion structure;
Automatic tension adjustment system, air pressure control, adjustable and digital display;
Squeezed water automatic confluence system, automatically discharged into the ground drainage.
1. The water content of the material after dehydration is set and adjusted within 72-95%;
2. Equipped with automatic high-pressure flushing device;
3. No damage to raw materials, no retention, no return.
Complete Kimchi Production Line
  1. Automatic mixer
    Automatic weighing, automatic mixing, automatic discharging, automatic high-pressure cleaning device;
    Pneumatic control discharging, good sealing performance;
    Automatic weighing with pressure sensing system;
    Double-machine mixing, material circulation mixing, alternate use, to achieve continuous work.
    Production capacity: the mixing capacity is greater than 100Kg;
    Stirring form: blade spiral stirring, can be forward and reverse;
    Use: low vibration, low noise, strong strength; good safety protection performance;
  2. mixing materials evenly and mixing materials.
  3. Automatic continuous sterilization cooler
    Adopt water bath-spray pasteurization and high temperature sterilization and water bath cooling;
    The crawler adopts mesh type engineering plastic, which is resistant to high temperature and
    has no damage to the materials after packaging;
  4. Temperature adjustment adopts automatic temperature control system;
    Design the intermediate transition section of sterilization and cooling, and the taste of the product;
    The bearing adopts anti-corrosion system, the use of equipment.
    Technical parameters: Sterilization temperature: arbitrarily set within the range of 80-100ºC;
    Sterilization time: 6-40 minutes
    Cooling time: 6-45 minutes
    As required by the Sterilization Food Sanitation Law, the sterilization and cooling work continuously, and the taste of the product remains unchanged after sterilization.
  5. Automatic weighing and packaging machine system
    Weighing and packaging are fully automatic control, measurement, weighing error is controlled within 3%, automatic point sealing.
    Unloading system, materials, clean unloading and measurement.
    There are two types of packaging systems:
    1. Combined automatic metering, filling, bag making and automatic sealing.
    2. Combined automatic metering, filling, bag making, two-step sealing.
Complete Kimchi Production Line Complete Kimchi Production Line

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